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"...Rodrigues is one of the wonders of the world. Not only for its lanscape.

It's a whole, a wonderful symbiosis between man and nature..."

- Nicolas Hulot, L'express Rodrigues, Nov.2010


Tourist Office in Rodrigues

Video-report of Rodrigues


Graviers is a small and quiet village where you will meet simple and smiling inhabitants, and it is a starting point to the east coast wild beaches ("Silver Hole", "Bottle Bay") through the goats paths.

In this relaxing ambiance, beside the organization of the typical local activities, Case Corail offers Yoga and Meditation.

Port Mathurin

Rivière Banane

Pointe Coton


Plaine Mapou


Rodrigues island, first volcanic formation of the Mascareigne archipelago (Rodrigues, Mauritius, Réunion) has drifted away from its original position through the Indian Ocean and is now located at about 450 miles East of Mauritius.

Its lagoon, twice as big as the island itself (respectively 200 and 100 km2) offers various nautic activities (fun board, kite surf, diving, snorkelling , sailing) as well as navigating with local pirogues along the islets laying inside the lagoon.

Plaine Corail

Port Sud-Est

"...Rodrigues compte parmi les grandes beautés du monde. Pas seulement pour ses paysages. C'est un tout,

une magnifique symbiose entre l'homme et l'environnement.." Nicolas Hulot, L'express Rodrigues, Nov.2010

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